Buridabri Watch Tower

Sundarbans.Buridabri is a Tiger project area in Sundarban located at riverside.Buridabri watch Tower in the Burirdabri camp is well-known for its watchtower, a mud walk and mangrove cage trail leading to a view point known as Raimongal View Point. The ground fauna consisting of snails, varieties of crabs and mollusc can be perceived closely during the mud walk.

The layout of this watchtower is very graceful with one walking over wooden bridges and then through the mud cage and finally culminating to a wooden watch tower over looking Bangladesh with the river Raimongal forming the international boundary between India and Bangladesh. One can see the Bangladesh Sundarbans from this watchtower. This watchtower has a capacity to host 10 persons at a time.

This is again, a watchtower, which is overlooked by tour operators as well as tourists, because of its distance from the Sajnekhali/Pakhiralaya/Jamespur area. It is a must-see watchtower at It is a nature’s trail and famous for the watch tower; from where fortunate tourists can get a glimpse of the strolling Royal Bengal Tigers.

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