Piyali Island

Sundarban is a beautiful place. It has lot of tourist spot Piyali is one of them.Piyali is the gatway to Sundarbans situated72-kms from Kolkatta by road and close to Sajnekhali, Sudhanyakhali, and Netidhopani through waterways. A small river Piyali flows through the green paddy fields and mingles with river Matla in West Bengal state in India. Picturesque Piyali delta makes an well affectionate holiday destination. The riverside of Piyali is an ideal location for nature enthusiasts. Tourists from all over the world savor boating in Piyali River very much as they can witness the rich flora and fauna from the boats. It is also a relaxation place for the tourists who visit Sundarban.

The mangroves of Sundarban are not only serving as a tourist attraction, that also serving different important environmental functions in the region. It provides a conductive environment for the existence of various creatures that attach themselves to the roots of the mangroves in Sundarban and it also avoid being swept away by the tides.

The Sundarbans is not just an environmental asset or an ecological treasure-trove; it is an area of immense geo-political importance as well. Therefore, if the land of this region gets submerged, then further complexities will arise. If the Sundarbans falls prey to the ill-effects of climate change or by the people, it will lead to the growth of subsidiary issues including loss of biodiversity of the region, complete inundation of the land and related problems in the surrounding regions.

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