Netidhopani Watch Tower

Bangladesh is a wonderful Country in the south asia. Bangladesh has many tourist spot. All spot are very attractive and popular. Sundarban is one of them. It is more beautiful place for the Tourist. The largest mangrove forest in the World (140,000 ha). The World famous Royal Bengal Tiger’s homeland and about 400 tigers live in sundarban. About 30,000 beautiful spotted deer live in sundarban. There are many Tourist Spot in Sundarban. The Netidhopani Camp, a picturesque location in Sundarbans National Park in West Bengal, India, is bestowed with abundance of flora and fauna. Sundarbans, being popular for its mangrove forests are prevalented by tourists who also visit Netidhopani Camp as it is the end point for tourists visiting Sunderbans delta. Tourists can reach Netidhopani Camp by boat.

The tiger watchtower and the ruins of a 400 year old temple found here are the main attractions of the place. The legends associated with this old temple are very interesting. If you are fortunate enough you can see Bengal tigers from this camp.

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